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Cannabis is found on the Asian subcontinent or near Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Turkey regions. It is classified into two subcategories. The classification is done via morphology and general plant behaviors.

Indica marijuana weed plants have the following properties:

  • Firstly, plants have small heights.

  • Secondly, it grows 1 to 6 feet tall.

  • Thirdly, wide leaf morphology.

  • Leaves have a darker shade of green color.

  • Further, these plants also have more branches.

  • Indica marijuana has a wider and bushier plant morphology.

  • Finally, denser plants.

 Indica Strains

There are a lot of high grade Indica marijuana weed strains. Some of them are Bubba Kush, Blueberry, Blue Cheese, Granddaddy Purple, Grape Ape, Northern Lights, Purple Punch, and White Rhino.


  • Pain relief for medical patients,

  • It also reduces vomiting and nausea,

  • Faster heartbeat rates in users,

  • It also reduces the symptoms of Glaucoma,

  • It makes you more relaxed than normal, and

  • Indica marijuana weed makes you feel happy & sleepy.

Indica Marijuana Weeds In Medical Use

  • Pain Relief & Joint pain,

  • Inflammation,

  • Glaucoma,

  • Chemotherapy,

  • Non-migraine headaches,

  • Neuropathy, and

  • Spasticity.

Indica Marijuana Psychological Effects

  • Firstly, it increases or reduces depression symptoms in users,

  • Secondly, it releases dopamine,

  • Thirdly, Indica creates greater Appetite and thirst,

  • Paranoia and Hallucinations,

  • It also delays our reactions, and

  • Some users might also feel memory problems.

Long Term Effects

Indica Marijuana has some long term effects such as:

  • Firstly, Lung irritation and Lung Cancer,

  • Secondly, the Concentration issue,

  • Thirdly, Memory loss, and

  • Finally, Development of CHS.

These effects also depend upon several factors stated below:

  • How a person uses Marijuana?

  • How often people use it?

  • Age of individuals.

  • Amount of consumption.

The study of Indica marijuanahas several limitations. These studies happen anonymously and on a small scale. The results also indicate that Indica marijuana is more likely to improve energy and appetite.

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